Left Brain Marketing, Inc. recently launched four free research tools to enable marine marketers and  similar businesses to gain insights into their customers.  Designed for small to medium sized manufacturers and dealers, these ready-made solutions include:

  • Customer satisfaction with the Product
  • Customer satisfaction with the Dealer
  • Reasons for Brand Selection/Customer Profiling
  • Media Consumption.

All are free to use “as is” and include access to real-time results.  Additional customization options are also available.  Please note that these free research tools were designed specifically for boats but could easily be adapted for other durables or outdoor products.

Now there is no reason to put off launching a CSI program.  If you can send an email, you can now have a professionally-created survey for free to keep tabs on your customers.  Plus, the survey data can be used as part of the N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

Left Brain Marketing, Inc., is a research firm specializing in the marine industry and Jerry Mona, President, is often considered the foremost research expert in boating.  For over two decades, the company has assisted leading boat companies, including the N.M.M.A. and Discover Boating, to better understand their target customers and improve their marketing efforts.

To learn more about the Left Brain Marketing Ready-Made survey solutions, click on the button below.