Your business is unique and so are your marketing challenges.  And some of these challenges – like developing a new product or launching a new ad campaign, often involve a high-degree of risk.  In these situations, a custom research study is often an excellent investment to increase your chances for success.

But, finding a qualified research partner can be difficult.  In addition to excellent research skills and a solid foundation in marketing/business strategy, you need someone who understands your industry and your target customers.  Otherwise, you end up paying a company to simply learn your business and could wind up with questionable results.

This is why many leading marine companies and other dealer-based businesses have put their trust in Left Brain Marketing, Inc.  for their custom research needs.  We know the difference between a bass boat and a multispecies boat, for example, and we know where to find these customers and how to speak their language.  Plus we understand the importance of the dealer in the buying process and the overall customer experience.  The benefits to you are deeper insights, less hand-holding, and ultimately findings and recommendations you can trust.

Common Research Topics

For over 20 years, we have helped our clients on a wide array of issues.  And, while no two studies are exactly alike, the following are some of the more common issues we have addressed over the years:

  • Customer Satisfaction – How well are your products and dealers/retailers measuring up to customer expectations? What are your key areas of strength and specific opportunities for improvement? Which customers are “at risk” and in need of immediate attention? Who are your customers and how are they using your product?
  • Drivers Analysis – What aspects of your product are most important or have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction?
  • Concept Evaluation – How appealing is the concept to target customers?  Which segments are most interested in the concept (target selection)?  Which concept has the greatest potential?  How can the concept(s) be improved to increase interest?
  • Product Improvement – What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current offerings?  How can they be improved to increase customer satisfaction or share of interest vs. competitor brands?
  • Needs Assessment/Purchase Process – What are the key things target customers look for when shopping the category? What is the relative importance of each? How well are customer requirements being served by existing offerings?
  • Brand Positioning/Image – How well do target customers know your brand? What are its perceived strengths and weaknesses vs. competitor offerings? Which brands are part of customers “evoked set”? Which one is their favorite and why?
  • Brand Extension – What does your brand stand for?  What other product types are a good fit?
  • Advertising Evaluation – Do target customers “get” the main message? Is it meaningful (important) and compelling (believable)? Does it speak to them? Which executional elements are “turn-ons” and “turn-offs”?
  • Promotion Evaluation – Which promotional offer is most compelling?  How likely is it to generate incremental interest?
  • Packaging/graphics – Which design best “fits” with the product and does the best job of conveying the intended image?
  • Media/Digital Optimization – which TV shows, magazines or websites do your customers “consume”? What is the optimum combination of items within each type to reach your customers, taking overlap into account? This is often very helpful for media planning purposes.
  • Other topics – this includes things like logo evaluation, brand name selection, customer/attendee profiling, dealer satisfaction, etc.

In addition to the above, we also offer a few standardized solutions for more common research issues such as customer satisfaction tracking, media evaluation and custom profiling.  These ready-made solutions are free or low cost to use in situations where a custom solution is not needed.  Click here to learn more.

Getting Started

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Either way, we look forward to assisting you with your informational needs.

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