Many companies simply do not have the resources to conduct a custom research study or create a professional satisfaction questionnaire.   We get that.  But we believe that getting “in-touch” with your target customers is so important that we’ve developed a no-cost or low-cost alternative for those on a more limited budget.

Our ready-made solutions include four professionally-crafted surveys based on some of the more common research issues that we have helped leading boat manufacturers and other companies address over the past 20+ years.  Each tool is designed to be used “as is”.  However, there are options to enable you to add or customize questions, get help with fieldwork or assist with the analysis.  And, with each tool, you will get access to a free online report to enable you to see your real-time results.

A typical, custom, survey costs approximately $5,000 to develop.  However, with our ready-made solutions, you can get access to professionally created surveys for free.  Or, you can customize it meet your specific needs for a fraction of the cost of a standard questionnaire.

The surveys have been developed from the perspective of a boat manufacturer but each could be customized (for an additional charge) for other types of businesses.





Product Satisfaction Questionnaire This survey is designed to measure how well your product is measuring up to customer expectations, determine whether any issues have been incurred, and identify specific strengths and weaknesses.  The goal is to help improve the quality and appeal of your products, increase customer retention and encourage positive “word of mouth”. Free
Dealer Satisfaction Questionnaire This survey measures customer satisfaction with the dealer and identifies specific strengths and weaknesses with the Purchase and Delivery process.  Information is also collected regarding any issues incurred and satisfaction with the product.  The goal is to improve dealer performance. Free
Why Customers Choose Your Product This ready-made questionnaire will help you gain a clear understanding of who your customers are and why they purchased your brand instead of your competitors. Information is also collected regarding any issues incurred and satisfaction with the product.  The goal is to help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Free
Media Consumption In order to efficiently reach your target customers, it is important to identify what shows they watch, which magazines they read and what websites they visit.  Plus, with the optional T.U.R.F. (total unduplicated reach and frequency) analysis, you can even identify the overlap in media usage to help reduce waste. Free

How It Works

Click on the name of the survey above to get more details or click on the button below to get started.  We will follow up with a custom link that you can distribute to your customers to start collecting valuable insights.  Or you can have us clean and distribute your emails for an additional charge.  You even have the option of adding custom questions for a minor fee.

Once we launch your survey, you will receive a password-protected link to enable you to securely view and even download your results.  Please note that your data and survey information will remain confidential.

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