What It Is

Are you looking to maximize the impact of your limited advertising budget?  If so, our free Media Consumption questionnaire may be just what you need.  With it, you can determine which TV shows, magazines or websites are most popular with your audience.  And, with our optional T.U.R.F. (Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency) analysis, we can even identify the overlap in your media spending to help you reduce waste.

Specific insights you can gain from our free Media Consumption Research survey include:

  • Which TV shows do your target customers regularly watch?
  • Which magazines do your target customers regularly read?
  • Which websites do your target customers regularly visit?
  • What is the best combination of individual shows, magazines or websites to most efficiently reach target customers, taking overlap into account? (with optional T.U.R.F. analysis)

With this learning, you will be better equipped to “fish where the fish are” instead of wasting your time and money in unproductive waters.  Plus it is free to use “as is” or can be customized for a minor additional charge.  Note: the base questionnaire was developed using boating, fishing and other outdoor-oriented media choices and would need to be adjusted for other businesses.

Developed based on over 30 years of research experience in boating, recreation and other dealer-based businesses, this professionally-crafted survey is easy for customers to take and has a clean/professional appearance.  Plus it is “responsive” meaning that it will work fine on mobile devices as well as computers.

This is just one of several free tools available in our Ready-made Solutions collection.

Who It Is For

Our Media Consumption questionnaire is ideal for marketers of boats, fishing gear and other outdoor products (e.g., RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, etc.)  who continue to advertise, in part, via traditional media vehicles.

Information Collected

The following is an outline of the main items included in our “Media Consumption  Research” questionnaire:

  • TV Shows Watched (check-all)

  • Magazines Read (check-all)

  • Websites Visited (check-all)

  • Product Experience (number owned, frequency of usage)

  • How Product Used (activities)

  • Demographic Characteristics

Click to see a live example of our Media Consumption Research questionnaire for XYY Boats.


Because every business is unique, there are several ways to get additional support or customize our ready-made survey to fit your exact needs:

  • Logo: We can add your logo at the top of each page.  The default logo is BoaterInput (our consumer-facing site).  $300.
  • Custom Questions:  Do you have some specific questions or topics that are important to your business?  We can add or modify questions and help with wording for an affordable price.  $300 set-up fee plus $150 per individual question or $300 for “grid” type questions.
  • List Hygiene: Before you distribute this survey to your customers via email, it is important that you first make sure that your list is in good shape to avoid annoying your customers or getting “kicked out” by your ISP (for too many bad emails).  We will dedupe your list and run it through a validation process to identify any “risky” emails.  $500 setup plus $0.02 per email.
  • Fieldwork: We can design a custom email invitation and reminder that fits your image and distribute it to your customers.  $500 setup plus $0.05 per email.
  • T.U.R.F. Analysis: By default, you will receive a link to view and download your real-time results for free.  However, we can perform a T.U.R.F. analysis to identify the optimum combination of TV shows, Magazine and Websites to use to maximize reach, taking overlap into account.  Typical cost is $3,000 for the analysis and report.

It should be noted that the standard questionnaire was designed for marketers of outdoor recreation products.  Additional customization would be needed to make it more suitable for other product types (minor extra charges would apply).

Key Benefits

A typical custom-made questionnaire costs approximately $5,000 to create.  Our ready-made “Media Consumption Research” questionnaire is a much more affordable solution.   And, with it you will be able to see your real-time results via a secure online report and identify ways to improve the efficiency of your advertising spending.

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