What's your “ing”?

Whether your company is about boating, fishing, RVing, motorcycling, golfing, exercising or even traveling - Left Brain Marketing can equip you with the customer insights to increase returns on your marketing investments.

Have a leaky bucket?

Check out our new retention analysis service to help identify ways to increase customer loyalty and strengthen your bottom line.

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Fishing for new customers?

To be successful, you need to fish where the fish are and use the right bait. We can help you locate your best prospects and discover what they are "hungry" for.

Expertise you can trust

Most anyone can create a questionnaire but knowing the right research method, pulling the right sample, asking the right questions and interpreting the data in the right way takes skill. Our project leaders have advanced degrees in Marketing Research and over 20 years of experience to deliver quality information and guidance you can trust.

Direction, not just data

Rather than overwhelming you with mountains of data with little interpretation or clear direction, we take a more consultative approach to fully explain what your target customers are thinking and why, and what we recommend you do next as a result.

But don't just take our word for it...

Left Brain Marketing brings science to the art of marketing. They understand the economic drivers of business and take a common sense approach to asking the right questions to find smart answers. I’ve found that LBMs deliverables are solid, timely and form the foundation of an easily executable marketing plan. – John Dorton, President and CEO, MasterCraft Boat Company
Left Brain Marketing became so valuable to our marketing plan development through their research and insights that we invited them to be part of our group of stakeholders overseeing the industry marketing campaign. The whole campaign was based on the research conducted for the industry by Left Brain Marketing. – Carl Blackwell, VP of Marketing, National Marine Manufacturers Association
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Research specialists for recreation, leisure and durable products.

In the news…

Retention Analysis

1In today’s economy, it is especially important to retain your current customers. This new cost efficient service will enable you to quickly determine what your retention rate is and why customers are returning to or defecting from, your brand(s).

Free Calculator

2Check out our new customer retention calculator that computes the financial impact of increasing your customer retention rate. Designed for companies that market big-ticket or infrequently purchased products (i.e., purchased less often than once a year).

Brain Waves Blog

3Check out our latest blog regarding a Marketing Research Framework for New Product Success.